At The Good Seed, we’re big into using the ancient wisdom of natural ferments to restore gut balance and increase health.

We brew our sparkling water kefir in small batches and bottle by hand—with passion and reverence for making a positive difference to the health and wellness of the community.

We’ve poured our hearts, souls and nutritional know-how into developing a range of natural ferments designed to better our modern everyday lives. And it all starts in the gut.


Water kefir was a big part of our personal healing journey. We loved it so much that in 2016, we decided to dedicate our lives to creating and sharing this tonic that makes us feel so good. Here is a little of our story…

Having grown up on a diet of overly processed foods and routine administration of antibiotics and steroid creams, we were both perfect poster children for The Good Seed business before we had even learned the words ‘microbiome’ or ‘kefir’. In addition to experiencing Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Ivy was plagued with patchy red skin later to be known as psoriasis. Meanwhile, Adrian had been suffering from haemorrhoids and a ganglion cyst that wouldn't go away. These ailments weren’t going to stop us living life to the fullest—but the truth is, we didn't yet know there was a better, fuller existence to be had.

The turning point came when Ivy was training for an ultra marathon and Adrian bid the corporate world goodbye to coach tennis. We started helping out at our family’s farmers market stall selling broth in the winter of 2014. This stint piqued our curiosity for how we might use nutrition to improve our health—so much so that we both delved into studying nutritional health formally.

We started to question our own food sources as we discovered how vital good nutrition is to our bodies and minds. Ann Wigmore’s quote, “The food you eat can be either the safest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison” began to make sense as we made tweaks to our meals and noticed how these paralleled with our performance and health. We were physically demanding more from our bodies, but at the same time felt that our energy levels had been boosted. It was mind-boggling to think these two elements could co-exist, but today it makes perfect sense! You can’t pump water into a car engine and expect it to run—the same analogy applies when a person uses junk food as their fuel.

The close connection between nutrition and gut health became increasingly clearer when we started brewing kefir at home. Through regular consumption, Ivy noticed her psoriasis improving. Adrian’s cyst no longer hurt and became less prominent, and it was a big relief that his haemorrhoids had also stopped. We shared our home-brewed kefir with family and friends and received plenty of positive feedback. As the warmer months loomed, the demand for broth at the farmers market lessened. And so The Good Seed kefir became our natural progression.

We began our business by hand delivering door-to-door in our tiny Honda Jazz. Customers would meet us on a street corner after their gym session, leave empty bottles on the home porch to be replenished, or even give instructions to load up the garage fridge via the back door. Our production grew and we soon moved to a shared kitchen facility at a cafe. Between trying to keep the spare refrigerators full and supplying the farmers markets, there was no keeping up with demand.

We then moved our small operation to the Mornington Peninsula where we’d found a perfect space to keep developing and growing our dream of brewing kefir for the masses. We’ve since relocated to Melbourne to keep brewing from our even bigger Perfect Space 2.0. Although we no longer do personal door-to-door deliveries, you can still pick up your weekly dose of kefir from us at the farmers markets we attend, or from stores throughout Victoria at your convenience.

We are so grateful to have chanced upon this dream of creating a brand that inspires positive living and advocates for proper nutrition and great gut health. Thank goodness it's never too late to change! Our life experiences have led us to where we are today and we credit our renewed health to the good colonies of micro-organisms in our guts, predominantly thanks to our water kefir. And it’s for this reason we are now on a mission to help others learn about the power of proper nutrition in order to restore balance to their health and lives. We are all trying to achieve so much every single day, and sooner or later something has got to give. Through our delicious creations, we hope to make a positive difference to the community, empowering you and your family to live happier, healthier lives.

Deep down your mind and body instinctively know what is right, trust your gut!

Ivy & Adrian
Gut Flora Warriors




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